Friday, July 11, 2014

So...heres the pic of the spring vox box. Rimmel mascara was my favorite so it deserved an individual post LOL. My next tops were the Softlip cube and nivea, followed by the Playtex and lastly kiss nails.

SOFTLIPS: The packaging is super cute, its like a little ice cube, similar to EOS balms. I like it, but because of the packaging you have to be careful how you close it or the top will take chunks off the lip balm. It smells fantastic, I got mine in a raspberry scent/flavor, (it does taste yummy LOL). The good thing is that it has SPF so its a good lip product when you're out and about.

NIVEA: This is supposed to tighten your skin, however i didn't use it consistanly to see a difference. It is however SUPER moisturizing, so i carried this in my purse for my dry hands. I would like to repurchase this in the future.

PLAYTEX: These get weird to review, it wont be super detailed. These are scented, which is a nice floral scent. They open up like an umbrella, which is good...i guess LOL. Overall, liked them. They are "sport" ones, so they are a bit more comfortable.

Nails....honestly ....I don't like wearing fake nails. They look very cute and easy to apply, but its not for me. :/

SO....those are my reviews!!

Scandaleyes, Rimmel (Spring VoxBox)

Its been FOREVER!!! I always say I'm going to post and then life happens.... So I'm back to review some items that were sent to me through Influenster. What they do is send out products to be tested and reviewed by people, in return for free products we just have to try them out and test them. Sounds like a good deal ...right!!

Well, this was one of my favorite products in the Spring Vox Box, the scandaleyes mascara from Rimmel.

I love this mascara. Everything about it is lovely. Its a nice, fat tube that fits nicely in your hand. The brush is huge and gets every lash and the texture and formula in this mascara is amazing. Its thick and really black and the best thing...I did not see any flaking as it wore through the day or smearing! I absolutely loved it. I will be repurchasing in the future!

I love Rimmel! You can find it at any retail/drugstore and its super inexpensive. I lost my card that comes with the box so I'm not exactly sure how much it is, I'm guessing under $7, which is a great price for this little treasure!!

So...if I were you ...I'd go out and try this baby out!! I'd give it 4 stars our of 5!! Good job Rimmel!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Healthy Scalp....happy hair!!

Hello again, know its been quite a while. My husband and I have been busy arranging our new home :), so I had to force myself to make time to do this post. As you know, I am signed up with Influenster. Its a company that send out products for consumers to try and report back about them. The more you participate in sharing online, the better your score, the more you can receive the products. So..I qualified for the Head and Shoulders box. It includes a full size shampoo and conditioner.

I have to say, I've tried products from this brand before...LONG TIME AGO, and it left my hair feeling icky. not moisturized or anything and I wasn't too fond of the smell. So when I found out I qualified I was like..."Cool, free shampoo" and then " Eh!". BUT when the packaged arrived, it looked different first off. Not only is this shampoo and conditioner for dandruff its also for damage rescue so of course I got super excited...AND this stuff smells yummy. Its not like the traditional scent, its PEACH!! :0)

The product states: (straight from them) "The Head & Shoulders Damage Rescue system was developed specifically to nurture the scalp AND dry damaged hair with intensive care, leaving hair up to 10X Stronger in Just Four Washes. Because of the carefully balanced combination of ingredients in the formula, Damage Rescue delivers both, intensive hair and scalp care with the proven anti-dandruff efficacy of Head & Shoulders."

I'm excited to try it. Maybe it could be a new alternative to an expensive brand. Let you all know!! :0 )

Until next time!!


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Influenster Beauty Vox Box

So I finally got a chance to post about my wonderful voxbox. If you don't know about this awesome program check out their site. Click here. I've had it for a while but work had me catching up and I had no time to do it. :( but I;m here now. Everything in the box was awesome, smells delicous and is super inexpensive. So what did I get you are asking check it out!!
1. NYC New York and Color Individual Eyes Custom Compact- $4.99: an all in one eye look kit that includes primer, illuminatior and four shadows (two of which are matte :) ). I got the one for brown eyes!!

2. Kiss Ever Pro Lashes Starter Kit- $5.99: complete with eyelashes, adhesive and an applicator, for 24 hour hold. Not a lash person so lets see how easy or hard this is LOL. Maybe a video??

3. Bath & Body works Mini candle  $3.50 in Pumpkin Cupcake PLUS a $10 coupon for 3 wick candle: provides an amazing fragarence for your home and smells too good...I wanted to eat it!!!

4. EBOOST packet $28 for box of 20- boosts mood, focus and immunity with natural ingredients.

5. Goody Simple Style Spin pin $7.29 in a light shade- allows easily achieve chic updo styles. twirl in hair to form buns of all kinds. (tried these before, LOVE THEM!!)

6. Not your Mother's Smooth Moves Frizz Control Hair Cream $6.00 for 4 oz. full size- fights frizz, reduces styling time with coconut and silk extract.

Excited to try everything!! And let me just say the smells from the products in this box are AMAZING!!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

A ladies best friend ;)

So FYI, fair warning, this post is going to be about feminine products. If you have no interest in reading my opinion on this stuff PLEASE move on. If you are interested in trying something goes.

As you have read, I have received some products from Always new Radiant Infinity in my Latina VoxBox. Its something different for sure, but it was nice to receive a full size (box of 16) for me to try. Oh...back track...If you haven't heard about VoxBox, Its a service where people are selected based on how many badges you have. What they do is send you products to try out for free and you have to post your honest opinion on them. Then you have to fill out surveys on each thing. If you'd like to learn more or sign up click here: VoxBox to find out more info.

Ok so back to the review. Any who, I got a full size box of the regular pads with flexi-wings from Always. The box itself is very cute, very girly. I've used Always products since Aunt Flo has begun visiting, but I have to say...I really much prefer these pads.

I promise I will not be super detailed here, just gonna mention the difference at a glance.

So the old pads compared to these are lumpy, thick and almost makes it feel like your wearing a diaper. These new ones are thin, flexible and you almost forget you even have one on. :o When I touched it, it reminded me a bit of memory foam, very bouncy, foamy...I don't even know how to explain it...comfy I guess, I like it! The old ones feel like hard cotton compared to these. I don't know exactly if they sell them with out a scent, but the ones I received have a clean scent, not heavily perfumed, but enough to keep you fresh.

I have to say I am a bit impressed by how far they've come along with the technologies they  use for pads. I will no longer be buying old nasty lumpy ones, these fresh, new, thin ones have turned  out to be a girls best friend in feminine products :). I look forward to purchasing more in the future and trying out their other Radiant Infinity products.

Latina Beauty VoxBox 2012

So...I've been super busy and haven't gotten a chance to post this...which I should have done a LONG time ago.*whoops...but just wanted to talk about my Latina Voxbox. So for those who don't know VoxBox is a free box you get if you are a lucky chosen one. You do have to post reviews about each product that you try and the more you talk and post about it, the greater your chances are of recieving another. I've just had so much to do lately (planning a wedding and starting back up at school) that I let it get away. So I'll just give you a quick over view of what I got and then post individually about each product. Now...I must warn you that there are feminie products in this box, which may make a few of you squimish, but no worries, I promise not to go into detail on them, just inital overview. :) So with out further adoue, here is my lovely Latina Beauty VoxBox!
So heres what I got and what the card says for each:
* VEET Ready to use Wax Strips for legs & body ($9.99 for full size, which it was) : It says these stirps are ready to use to remove unwanted hair. It gets closer to the root and last up to 4 weeks.
*NYC New York Color liquid lipshine ($2.49 for full size, which it was): Says it has pure pigment for a 3D gloss effect with vitamine E for shine and moisture. Its a non-sticky formula that makes lips have a soft texture and comes in 10 shades.
*Bath and Body words Shea Enriched signature collection shower gel ($5 for mini (got this one) or $11 for full size): Says that its new and improved with enriched shea butter that makes rich, bubbly lather to give softer, cleaner skin. Also has mostirizing aloe vera and vitamine E and burst with fragrance.
*Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Lotion Sunscreen ($7.99 for full size bottle): it says it moisturizes and protects skin. Has a dual ribbon hydrating formula infused with silk protien and rich shea butter that last for 12 hours. Also has protection from UVA and UVB and available in SPF 12, 30 and 50.
*Always Radiant Infinity Pads ($ 6.99 for full size, got this one): This is a unique technology called Infinice that conforms to each individual shape giving great protection and performance. It says the pads are light and have a clean scent and microdots for fast absoption. It has a wider back and flexible wings that provides coverage where its needed.
* Always Tampax Radiant Collection: This was like a sampler pack with no price. Its a cute little baggie where you could keep your feminine products that came with sample of the Radiant Infinity pads, tampons and liners, plus some coupons.
So overall I got a little more than $24 in this box. I have tried everything but I'll post about each individually for more details. :)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Metallic Polish- August Maven box from Julep

So this is my second Julep box and I am LOVING it!! Yes, it is a bit expensive compared to other monthly subscription boxes, but you get to pick what you like and they aren't sample sizes. The polishes themselves could be a bit larger, but the consistency is great and you don't need so many layers of polish to get great coverage. far as the title of the blog... I just received my August Maven box which is metallic shades. These colors are amazing!! We got to add 3 add-ons for $4.99 each, and I got all three, wish I could have added more. This time they came in a cute lil pink box with an adorable tote bag that had my polishes ( I was hoping they'd throw in a lil extra but I was satisfied anyways). So I got the IT-Girl polishes which I like because they have three polishes instead of two.

From left to right we have Sienna ( a GORGEOUS gold metallic with shimmer), Harley (liquid silver chrome) and Melanie (pastel blue chrome). These colors were amazing. I was not dissapointed with a single one. I did use the Sienna already....and I LOVE this color. It is so pretty!! 
These were my add-ons. Like I stated above we could add these to our box for an additional $4.99  but cool thing is we actually got one add-on for FREE!! Aren't they awesome!! :) So from left to right we have Piper-from the Boho Glam collection (its a mint metallic chrome color) , Dakota-from American Beauty (rose gold metallic) and Stefani -also from the American Beauty ( dark gray with gold flecks). I SOO wish we could have added more add ons for the price. There are a few I regret not getting, but maybe they'll do a mystery box and I might get lucky!!
Over all, I think these colors are amazing!! I'm probably going to cancel another sample box to make sure I keep this one!! I'm really enjoying being a Maven :). Here's my mani for the day using Sienna and Piper. Enjoy and have a great day!!
*** If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Maven click here on JULEP. And you can try it out for 99 cents using the code PENNY and this link here. Hope you do!!

Since I don't have one of those wheels to display colors, this will have to do in the mean time. Hope it helps!